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September work spaces

Shoots in mirrors, under beds and through soft barren greens – in order to build the myth of neat and romantic workspaces, in the city apartment and studio in Lindome.

I like the Monika Mulder designed pendant Mobil 100 for Pholc.

The Viggen wool sweater, stolen by the son.

And this neglected space, not exactly cared for by any skillful urban gardener.

Inspiration and encouragement are waiting though, through these two books on the reading list Edible Cities and Gatsmart odling.

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Staying up late and sleeping until noon. Shool holiday has started.

Ugh, have had a cold for over a week now. Guess I have to start all over with the running again. Anyway hope you have a good one too, weekend.

The Four Player Coffee Table Pong Video.
My Time With Henri Cartier-Bresson.

Mollie Makers, new lifestyle & craft magazine.

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A shirt to iron, some rooms to clean and a cute friend named Edek. (Made by the skillful illustrator and graphic designer Asia from Oh kavka). Look, one of a kind pink Edek. And here, Asia’s blog.)

Ohoy ohoy, check out our wallpaper over at Sofia’s (Mokkasin) walls!

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2010/11/29 Monday

Ran around looking for my tripod for half an hour today. Then I found it.

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Simple Camera RAW processing.

Many of you asked me if/how I process my photos. First, I shoot in RAW. Then I usally don´t do so much more than
correct the color and the white balance in the photos by using the RAW tool in Photoshop. Here, a simple and
short guide how I do.

1. I open the photo in the RAW editor/ Photoshop. This photo has an yellow cast.

2 A. I adjust the color and correcting the white balance by changing “Temperature” and “Tint”. (The goal is to
set the photo color similar to how the eye registered the color when shooting the photo.)

B. Adjusting the white in the photo to white by putting the mouse pointer at a known white surface (or a neutral grey
surface if you don´t have white in the photo) and check the RGB channels, the values should lie on the same percentages.
You affect the values it by changing Temperature and Tint.

C. I´ve also compensate the highlights in the photo by dragging the “Recovery” button.

A proper monitor calibration helps of course.

Advantages with shooting in RAW are for example:
- RAW tends to capture a richer tone of colours than Jpgs.
- You have more controls for exposure, details and colours with RAW.

What is Raw.
My camera.

BUT, I´m don´t think you must color correct photos in general. Many photos are more charming just as they are,
with color casts or not. Sometimes I do more than color correct too, have to show you that another time.

Photo from Fine Little Shop.

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The streets outside, and my untidy desk. It´s raining today, again.

What a great project this is: LINES & SHAPES!
Chech out a lovely wallpaper, Chinese girls, by Tina Carlsson.

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