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New book by Klara Person & Karin Cyrén

Now this is a great children’s book collaboration, two of my favorite Swedish illustrators/authors Klara Persson (this time author) and Karin Cyrén (illustrator) has made Sören, Sören, Sören. A book about three brothers all called Sören. Confusing when everyone comes when you call their name.. Published at Urax.

“Det fanns tre brorsor. Den första hette Sören. Den andra hette Sören. Och den tredje hette Sören. Men vad snurrigt det blir när alla tre kommer samtidigt när man ropar. Eller när de svarar i varandras telefoner! Hur ska man hålla reda på vem som är vem? En sprallig ordlekshistoria om namnet Sören, och om hur fel det kan bli när Sören Kassören bara kan räkna till tolv och Sören Dansören helt saknar balans.”

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New children’s book by Ida Sundin Asp

I like this new book “Idag vet jag inte vem jag är” by talented debutante Ida Sundin Asp, published by Urax.

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How to whittle

Everything a beginner needs to know. The new book “Tälj!” (written in Swedish) by Hannes Dahlrot and Henrik Francke about how to whittle, get me going.  I want to make myself a precious bowl, hook or maybe a hand-carved wooden spoon à la Ariele Alasko.

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A new book you need

Swedish genius artist Cilla Ramnek’s new book is called “En bok om att göra” (A book about making). Like everything Cilla lay her hands on the book is patterned, unpredictable and liberating creative.

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Playful book

I got a new book, a nice one by talented Merrilee Liddiard Playful: Fun Projects to Make With + For Kids

Mer Mag blog.

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Giveaway – New book by Klara Persson!

How to find the right words, sometimes it can be hard to explain how much you care about someone.

“Orden var är ni?” is a just released (by publisher Urax) book written and illustrated by one of my favorite Swedish illustrators Klara Persson. Peep in other books illustrated by Klara here, here and here.

If you would you like to win your own copy of this treasure, just leave a comment in this post before 10 May, 2015. Two of you will be lucky!

UPDATE Congratulation Anna and Mieke, you won Klara’s book :) Thank you everyone who commented!

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Book anno 1962

“Sprattelkille” by Per Ekholm and Gisela Frisén, illustration by students of Lärarhögskolans övningsskola, Stockholm. 1962.

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Wonderful ABC book / Giveaway

You who has followed this blog for a while, and maybe stumbled on interviews with me, might know that I, when I get the question, often mention Mieke Willems blog as my own personal favorite when it comes to blogs. I was therefore thrilled when Mieke Verbijlen told me that she and two other great talantes Katrein Hendrickx and Renalde de Peuter has made a book, an ABC book in true Mieke Willems-spirit! Look at this wonderful video from the book.

If you want you can join a giveaway hold on Instagram and maybe get the chance to hold this treasure in you hands. Check out the terms here.

You can also of course, buy it your self here for example.

“A boy, bugs, an illusion, a jungle, a kiss and New York have very little in common, save that they can be named with the sounds our mouths can make, and written down with the letters of our alphabet. And of course: that they all belong to our infinite world, of which the alphabet book ABC brings together a few coincidental things that are worth collecting.

Like any alphabet book, this ABC contains a word for each letter of the alphabet. But the things and thoughts those words refer to are not just depicted. How could they do that, considering just how much world one single word can evoke? How miraculous are words, if you think of it? Likewise, the photos, children’s drawings, handicrafts and other stuff in the book contain all sorts of colours and forms, and follow all kinds of associations and lines of thought.

ABC is the result of a collaboration of three friends, who – each in their own way – see the world as an excuse to look around and get working with their gaze, words and thoughts. Consequently, ABC is not just a children’s book, but above all a childishly complex book for young and older people who know fire comes in different shapes, or have a clear image of that big city they have never been to, or ask themselves what cherries taste like.”

Congrats to winner and Insta user: thetinyacorn!

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Henning Trollbäck’s book cover marathon

The ingenious illustrator Henning Trollbäck has made a bunch of awesome E-book covers for publisher Bonniers which digitizes Swedish book classics. Love them all!

Don’t miss Henning’s Four season prints which he made for Fine Little Day, nor his feature in the Fine Little Day book.

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Molly & Sus

Great news, look what we have in the shop.

The award-winning book about Molly and Sus, by Klara Persson!

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