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Carina, Cesar and Christian’s lives here 5

The problem for me, with visiting inspiring places like Carina, Christian and Cesar’s is to stop. But this is is the last post from their apartment, at least for this time. Thanks for looking you who have, and thanks again (Tack!) to you Carina, Christian and Cesar for letting me in.


Today’s links:

Wooden Hand-crafted Figurines and the vases by Renee Rossouw.
Sweet handmade bracelets and necklaces, Dulldiamond.
Elenor Boström’s ceramis & Iillustrations.

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Carina, Cesar and Christian’s lives here 3

8-year old Cesar’s room. One step in to this room and an overwhelmed Otto became best friends with the owner of it. Never met before, but played like they had know each other for ages.

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Carina, Cesar and Christian’s lives here 2

Spacious is the word that comes to my mind. About 4,25 meter from the floor to the ceiling. Amazing light.

Books, magazines and records all over this inspiring place.

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Carina, Cesar and Christian lives here 1

It’s a beautiful day in Sweden today. The sun is shining on a blue sky. So much summer in the air. Maybe we will go to the lake and take a swim (not me!) in the afternoon. The kids are not afraid of cold water. Last year in May.

But before we go I want to share some pictures with you from Carina, Christian and their son Cesar’s good looking home, which me and Otto had the opportunity to visit the other day. Carina is the owner and designer of Malinka (take a look at her beautiful dresses), Christian works with music and is one of the founders of Skiva.

Dared black walls and red chairs in the kitchen :)

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Johanna’s family lives here


Oh where to start. This magic little cottage is a summer house/allotment for a family of four - Johanna‘s family. Located, not so far from the center of Gothenburg, in a pretty well visitited area. But when stepping in to the cottage area, it feels like you step in to a  village of fairytale cottages standing side by side somewhere far away from a city. And Johanna’s little pea green house is one of the most beautiful ones.


Only 25 square meters, yet filled with goodies.

Honey for the eyes, the big enough kitchen. Can’t help thinking of Villa Villekulla and Pippi.


Vera. The door leads to a small loft.


She’s a collector Johanna, of many things. And a true aesthete. The collections are placed in groups, in themes and/or colors. All lovely.

Will not be able to limit the photos from this vibrant, creative, place, I’m sure you can understand why. As said, this is a tiny cottage but yet space enough for a family of four. Hopeful isin’t it!



Sunday, May 1 comes with the second last post from Johanna’s house. Oh, the bead baskets (can’t get enough of  bead baskets). The wallpaper (from Sandberg) is called Vera, the same name as one of the daughters. And look, my old pattern “Elephant” in the pillow pile.


The small streets all has names after flowers and fruits. Like this one ”The rose walk”.


There, in the oriel we sat and ate the tasty scones that Vera and Johanna’s had baked.



God monday. The last post from Johanna‘s family’s place coming up.
Here is the children’s playhouse, this day a kiosk. Look what a simple, rough and nice construction. No need to be fancy. “Ice cream in all flavors, come and buy!”.


I do loved to visit Johanna’s little pea green pearl. Hope you enjoyed it too.


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If I lived here 1

House, Hemnet.
Handmade hanger board (sorry forgot where I found it).
Moss mats
, Urnatur.
Hanger, Les Petits Bohemes
and bed set, Urnatur.

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2010/12/29 Bye Skåne

The days are rushing, we are leaving Skåne for this time. A whole bunch of cousins are coming to Gothenburg to celebrate new years eve with us.

Skånelänga – a typical (farm)house in the south of Sweden, built as a long thin building on a half-timber and brick frame, with rooms with windows on both sides of the house.

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On my wishlist. Le Train fantome and Sally Nencini’s cushion cover.

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Maria Skeppström lives here 2

Breakfast and lunch at Marias place.

Maria Skeppström lives here 1, 2, 3, 4

Congratulations Celine and Julia, you won the new Fine Little Day Baobab print.
Thanks for your comment folks!

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Pia & Ernst lives here 5

Pia & Ernst lives here 1
Pia & Ernst lives here 2
Pia & Ernst lives here 3
Pia & Ernst lives here 4
Pia & Ernst lives here 6

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