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Book by Malin Gabriella Nordin

One of my favorite contemporary Swedish artists Malin Gabriella Nordin has made a book Private Language.

Nordin invited a group of children were invited to discuss and interpret her collection of sculptures. Each child was met individually to discuss the collection. The children gave their thoughts and added their own drawings and directions. The results of the interaction is shown it this book. Utterly great in every way!

See more photos and get it here.

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iPhone / Instagram versus Canon 2

A while ago I did a post with the headline “iPhone / Instagram versus Canon”.

My conclusion was that Instagram can’t compete with the Canon Mark II in picture quality (of course), but that the best camera is the one you have with you. And there is the phone camera + Instagram unbeatable in terms of accessibility. But also, as said in the earlier post even if the Instagram photos are limited when it comes to print, the qulity is largely a matter of size actually. You can’t enlarge an image taken directly from Instagram and expect much more than grain. What you can do is to print it in the saved size though, and get a satisfactory results, at least a result that can compare with the old-time Polaroid picture. And that is good enough in this context.

There are several print services out there that offers opportunity to get your photos printed and sent home by mail today. Almost like old times when we sent in our films for developing. Only that nowadays we have seen the images before they are sent home.

Anyway, the printing service who made these photos is called Printic. Fast service, a bit thin paper but nice quality.

UPDATE:I just realized that since I got reduced ” try out” price on this first bacth I got a little misleading idea of Printic‘s prices. $1 per copy is not a super price. But on the other hand there is no shipping costs.

Sheep and Prayer, weaving as mosaic.

Had a visit in the studio the other day by this girl, with freinds.

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iPhone / Instagram versus Canon

Yes The best camera is the one you have with you. So Instagram has exploded worldwide. I can understand why. It’s easy, instant and social. It’s also free, unlimited, and can be posted spontaneous. I’m a snap-happy person so Instagram suits me well. But sometimes I wonder how that photo would have looked like with the heavy, expensive one. Top pic as Instagram. Lower pic as Instagram.

Instagram can’t compete with the Mark II in quality of course. But Instagram is unbeatable in terms of accessibility. The photos them self can be stunning in Instagram too, even if they are limited when it comes to print. I think they look their absolute best in the phone (it’s not the same feeling to look at Instagram on the screen for example in my opinon). Instagram as a phenomenon is appealing in several ways. The limitations with Instagram makes me think of Polaroids, which also was limited in its format but nice anyway.

Probably not fair to compare like this since Instagram and a SLR are two completely different things. Interesting things.

Some of the people I would like to see at Instagram:

Reference Library
Mieke Willems
Lena Sjöberg

iPhone 5 camera review for photographers.

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Getting seduced

So. I’m in Stockholm. It’s not often. I don’t find my way here. But I don’t find my why anywhere on the other hand. One can say that I have a poor sense of direction. I am not exaggerating. Actually I’m constant disoriented. I’m a dyscalculian. As I told Franscesca in this interview. Diagnosed.

But I’m doing better these days. The GPS in the phone helps a lot. Helped me find my way here for example. I’m staying at Scandic Hotel, Grand Central. Via Blogger’s Inn.

What a neat hotel. Look at the wall art above for example. Made by Andreas Braun. Hoping to get a glimpse of him tomorrow (he is having a vernissage at the hotel). I’ll tell if I find out if he has a web page.

(Frida at Trendeser is one of the brains behind the “blogg room” I’m staying at here.)

Visited Fotografiska today. I always enjoy Christer Strömholm‘s photos. But the most remarkable part was Sally Mann‘s project What remains of course. Very scary. Beautiful and strong.

Sally Mann: The naked and the dead

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How are You again

Remember How are You‘s nice pillows? The same company has made it again. This time as a collaboration with photographer Nicklas Blom. The new collection is called PLACES and the idea behind it is to capture a place and time somewhere on earth to bring in your home. Each pillow is named after its longitude and latitude coordinates. Like herehere and here.

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Mieke Verbijlen

Mieke Verbijlen (one half of the Mieke Willems blog) has the greatest taste. Usually when I’m asked about favorites blog I mention Mieke Willems). Mieke is also a great photographer, look at her new dot com site.

Coiffe headdress by C Sathal.

Almost forgot, the Harlekin blankets are back in shop again. And – on sale!

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Jockum + Erik

Life is good. One of Swedens best photographers Erik Wåhlström photographing one of Swedens best artists Jockum Nordström in his private home studio in Stockholm.

And Kristoffer Sundin’s furnitures.

Jockum’s book Sailor & Pekka.

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Imagine a whole wall with photo booth photos, would be so nice. This Ebay seller has a lot.
I did something like a start of a wall like that once, but in colored illustrations.

Working on a new blog look, hope to have it ready very soon, impatient.

CustardHeartVIntage, Etsy seller – vintage ST. JOHN cashmere blend peplum sweater.
Hindsvik, Etsy seller.

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From yesterdays photo shoot. 23 years old. Perfect skin.
We wouldn´t have need all that make up.

Shoot 300 photos, couldn´t stop.

Blogged about her before, she´s fun – Style Rookie. Kind of reminds me of my daughter.

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Blogging on location.

I haven´t been generous at all in showing my freelance work. But today I actually took some photos.
on the set. Can´t show you any closer or better photos than this, but the theme is kids and table settings.
My role today is to take care of the styling part.

What I can show you is another job, a commission for Kappahl last year. This time I photographed too.
Probably the most fun commission I´ve had. A lot of kids, hand picked items and very free.

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