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We took a trip to Småland

Luckily the house was still standing and everything looked about the same as for 6 months ago.


Have I told you that Fine Little Day book will be translated to Korean, English and Japanese this year. Yay!

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Fine Little Day book in English and Korean

After the release of Fine Little Day book, the blue treasures tend not only come from mothers household anymore, but from all directions. Like from friendly neighbors for example.

Speaking of the book, I’m very glad to tell that this fall the book will be published in English as well as in Korean :)

Bilder med blå jacka och kjol, tack PRAOS: Konrad och Otto!

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Adlibris kampanj

Some pics from the work process with the book. Below, reduced book price offer from Adlibris.



Några bilder från processen med bokarbetet i våras. Mycket grytlappar blev det.

Från idag t.o.m. 16 november (3-16 november) kan du köpa Fine Little Day boken till ett specialpris på Adlibris!

Priset 175 kr gäller bara via den HÄR länken (om man söker på titeln kommer man till vanliga sidan där den inte är nedsatt).

Tack för omnämningar och blogginlägg!

Elle Decoration
Dos Family
Fine Fine Books

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We celebrate Fine Little Day book in Gothenburg

I know, it’s kind of dark and dull outdoors this time of the year. But come and celebrate with us anyway. If you are in Gothenburg, Sweden tomorrow that is. (We will be indoors!)

27 October, 19.30–20.oo
Allmänna Vägen 13, at our new address.

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Fine Little Day book is here!

After monhts of writing, photo shoots, editing and all-nighters Fine Little Day book is finally out! I’m not sure it’s really hit me yet. A couple of days ago when I saw the book in the shop window of an actual bookstore it all felt like a blurry dream. I could never imagine seven years ago, that a book with the oddish name of Fine Little Day actually would make it to a bookshelf.

Big and warm thank you to all of you who, in one way or another, participated in the book and its release! On Monday 27 October, 2014 we celebrate the release in Gothenburg, Sweden.

Varmt välkomna till Allmänna Vägen 13 i Göteborg på måndag 27 oktober, 18.30–20.00 för att fira boksläppet med oss. Boken kommer förstårs att finnas på plats till ett förmånligare pris.


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Pre-release in Stockholm coming up

Sista dagen för anmälan till Akademibokhandeln idag, vore kul om du kom förbi! Annars kanske till House of Rym-butiken på torsdag? För mingel och kik i Fine Little Day-boken som förhandssläpps onsdag, torsdag i ovan kontexter.

Även i Göteborg kommer boksläppet att firas med ballonger och förmånligare bokpris, i våra nya lokaler på Allmänna vägen 13. Måndag, 27 oktober klockan 18.30. Välkomna :)

(Pre-release for the Fine Little Day book in Stockholm, Sweden. Wednesday, Thursday this week!)

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Potholder pennants for the book

As I’ve told you in earlier posts I’m working with a “Fine Little Day book” together with publisher Natur & Kultur. Even if we now are in the final stages of the work with the book it keep coming up things that I want to want to include in the book. Like the very important collection of potholders. Was standing on a ladder to hang them in our city garden trees tonight and was cheered by friendly neighbors passing by.



The book will be published in October, 2014. In the first stage, only in Swedish but maybe if there are interests, in English as well further on.

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Traveling back and forth between the city and the country side

Preparing for summer guests, working with the book and the ordinary Fine Little Day work. Things are nice.

Found the perfect summer dress as well. Kind of fluffy romantic, airy, not too tight and summery.

Speaking of romantic. Our designer Marta (Marta’s Clover & Marta’s Summer) has a blog!

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Right here, right now. Life is spinning fast. I’m working with a book, don’t believe I’ve announced it here on the blog. It’s a collaboration with the publisher Natur & Kultur. It will be a book about Fine Little day. Random peeps, tips and eye candy. The plan is that it will be launched this autumn/winter. My friend Klara is helping out. Hilda has also been involved. Things are fun, kind of hectic, but fun.

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What would you like to be in the book?

You who follow at Instagram might know that I am working with a fun project right now. A Fine Little Day book, together with the publisher Natur & Kultur and my colleague Klara Bothén. It will contain things from the years with Fine Little Day, peeps from the studio, our summer house, some recycling DIY and random things that I like and have around me.

In the first stage the book will be published in Swedish, hopefully in English as well further on. If you are a frequent visitor of Fine Little Day you might remember any particular posts or topics that you think should be in the book.  If so, or if you have wishes – please feel free to tell.

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