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LilahV Giveaway

Starting today and a week ahead you will have the chance to win a store credit $50 US in this nice jewelry shop LilahV! Take the chance by leaving a comment in this post.

Amanda, the designer and owner of LilahV grew up in California getting to pursue her first love working on feature films. She has been all over the world working on movies such as “Speedracer,” “Contraband,” “Matrix,” “Harry Potter” and “Troy.” When Amanda’s beloved grandmother passed away Amanda inherited all her jewelry most of which was broken. That’s when she started learning fine jewelry making. How lucky for us, just look at these beautiful pieces.

The giveaway will be open to August 27. The winner will be able to choose their own jewelry (not including postage). Thanks for playing and good luck!

Here, some of my LilahV favorites:
Tiny ElephantUnicorn, Tiny Skull Studs and the Sail Boat necklace.

UPDATE Contgrats to you Louise, you won the LilahV giveaway, lucky you :) Thank you all of you who participated in the giveaway, and thank you LilahV for running it!

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Etsy wool favorites

Etsy, the place to be late at night when you can’t sleep. Here, some wool favorites of mine.

The knitted stool cover above is a bargain really, the price is for two if I understand it right. From the shop Wool pleasure.

The wool balls hair pins are also from Wool pleasure. Find them in different colors, available as a garland as well.

The wool socks are made from a traditional Estonian pattern. Straight up on the wish list.

More for the feets. Poodle slippers socks, totally crazy and just wonderful. Take a look at the hedgehog slippers to die a little bit more.

This wool sweater (cheaper than the one I’m selling). And this, this and this one.

Ok that will be all, good night.

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Renovated books

Creative new-life reuse. Got to like, very much.

“Renovatedbooks are unique one-of-a-kind handmade books that can be used as a journal, notebook, diary, sketchbook, scrapbook, wedding guestbook, cookbook, camping toilet paper book, booster seat, or whatever else suits your fancy”. Renovated books

And Hilda’s book clocks.

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Wonderful handmade buttons

Look at the variations in these amazing buttons. All hand carved and hand painted by artist Sarah Fulton, Fulton & Co.


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Handmade slippers – Wooly Baby

“Shrink your favorite wool sweater? Moth holes in your cashmere? Bring your old or damaged sweaters to Wooly Baby“.

Ecologically made from leather apparel and felted wool sweaters. Such a great concept, such great look. Wooly Baby’s Etsy shop.

These in my size. These for the kids.

Other nice slippers from Etsy:
Retro Hippy Pointed Toe Turkish Slippers
Women’s Middle English
Crochet Women Slippers
Baby Moccasins

Update: Use coupon code “FINELITTLEDAY1013″ for 15% off in Wooly Baby’s Etsy shop.

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Crochet collars

Just can’t get enough of crochet collars. Had to buy this one. Etsy is full of them.

Above, pics from here: 1, 23, 4.

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Potholder feast

Hours and hours of work. Love to you, talented women who made ​​these amazing potholders. Handicraft treasures. And look how great they look together.

I’m in the studio, all weekend. Working. Listening. The cardboard house clip is from an old Marimekko folder. And the apron is a favorite.

To be find at Etsy.

Anu Tuominen look at page 7, top right.

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Fine Little Day Vintage on Etsy

I have given up. I have realized that I never will become a person who can walk by a garage sell or a second hand store without at least take a fast look. After a 3 month long non-purchase period I come to understand when walked in at a flea the other day how much I enjoy this pleasure of mine. A visit to a vintage/second hand store involves joy, hope and excitement. Valuable feelings! That’s why I will consent my foible in the nearest future. That’s also a reasons why there is a Fine Little Day Vintage Etsy Shop on the net again. To justify, and for the fun of it. Welcome less anxiety, because I’m getting it for the shop.

Back & front on an nice piece of textile.

Look at that back. Love how the pattern meets, the colors and the slightly clocked form.

Last year I had the opportunity to be a guest curator at the addictive site. One of the more fun assignments in my book. Here, some of my favorite Etsy Shops:


Next to come at the Etsy place, Vintage Children’s books.

And next week, Pop Up in the Studio.

How old are u? Pictures and short interviews with selected artists, journalists, designers, photographers.

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Herman Marie

Have you seen blogger Kimberly‘s newly opened shop, Herman Marie? These cuts from wood (each artwork painted by hand) makes me in a very good mood.

The poster and banner as well :)



Check out more of Lili Scratchy‘s creative work via the brand new (free) app – Wigoo!


And, take a look at Vickny’s “The Velikan cup.

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Desirable, hand knitted

AmarinalevinHandknits started knitting when her daughter was one. Her current knitting is a mix of picture sweaters and traditional style pattern sweaters.

“If you see a sweater you like but it is not in the correct size, feel free to email me about adapting a sweater for a custom size.”

Children in various sweaters.

If you like these, take a look at Mette’s (Ungt blod) good looking sweater collection too.

New photo at Wonderwall, Backstage Lido N°2 by Jesper Brandt. Is it snowmans? Can’t get enough of snowmans.

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