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Hudiksvalls Teater wallpaper

I was hovering around @ollemalarn when he hung the wallpaper Hudiksvalls Teater by Duro on these walls today.

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Wall coverings from Minakani Lab

Minakani Lab launched their bespoke wall coverings collection in 2009. Breaking free from traditional printing techniques, designer Cécile Figuette and Frédéric Bonnin create wallpaper and panoramas that are larger-than-life, with motifs the repeat randomly and compositions that are light and airy.”

I like everything about this! More at Minakani Lab.

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Only two rolls of wallpapers was left in the store of which Albert Sjöstam made for Borås Eco Tapeter a couple of years ago. Actually the monkeys was a part of his thesis at HDK 2006. I’m not sure where to put them yet, I’m just glad to have them.

Albert’s wallpaper for Photowall.

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Four really nice wallpapers

I love wallpapers. Sometimes I dream about a larger housing, not like in The Queen of Versailles (fascinating documentary) but a place big enough for at least a dozens of different wallpapers. We do have a lot of wallpapers around us as it is today. In our apartment we actually have several rooms with several wallpapers in it. In one room (the daughter’s) there are three different styles up on the walls. But you can’t get enough of nice wallpapers, can you.

Sandberg Tyg & Tapet is one of Swedens most genuine wallpaper producers. I’ve been a fan as long as I can remember (still miss Kaspar in our home). As we are thinking about getting some new pattern glory for our walls and I wanted to “try out” some of my currently favorites of the Sandberg’s wallpapers.

The best way to get a feeling for a wallpaper must of course be to bring a piece of it to the room where it is planned to be. Another good way in my opinion is to try it with props, to get get a better idea of ​​the colors, scale and directions in the patterns. I also belive in leaving for a while to see what spontaneous feeling you get when you come back in the room. Anyway here is some really fine Sandberg’s favorites:

This wallpaper Fritiof has such a nice retro tone in it with stonewashed linen texture. Makes me think of Virrvarr, a good thing for sure. Would look super in a kitchen. Design: Karolina Kroon.

The Eden wallpaper is from the same collection as Fritiof above – “Götheborg” which was released earlier this year. What I love with this pattern is the great folkart feeling in it. It’s a wallpaper that would look good in a living room as well as in a kids room. Playful whimsical and classic gorgeous at the same time. Design: Sissa Sundling.


Oak leafes. One of the nature’s most perfect leafs. (Have to mention Lotta’s Oak tree poster here. And the tea pot I did for House of Rym ;)

The Oak tree wallpaper is called Waldemar. Leafs, acorns and yellow birds in the branches, cute and brings the garden inside. Beautiful.


The name of the wallpaper below is Liljekonvalj, which means Lily of the Valley in English. The pattern is a tribute to Daniel Westling “a man of the people” who was given the title of Prince Daniel, Duke of Västergötland when he married Swedens crown princess Victoria. The Lily of the Valley is special to me as well as it is not only a beautiful flower but also my home province, Gästrikland’s landscape flower. Check out the light grey base version as well here.

Liljekonvalj was awarded with “wallpaper of the year” in 2011 by Swedish design magazine Elle Interiör. Design: Karolina Kroon.

The four wallpapers turned out to looks very good together as well. This mixed style concept might be a good idea?

Here is an overview of Sandberg’s wallpapers. And here another favorite of mine.

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Annacate lives here 2 / Stella’s room

Even though this home goes under the label “apartment” it actually feels more like a little villa. The apartment has for example two floors. On the top floor there is a hallway, a bedroom, bathroom and the 6-year old Stella’s room.

Painted wooden floors. The family had to renovate quite a lot when moiving in four years ago. I got to see some photos how the apartment look before – really it looked like a complete other place.


As you might got a glimpse of in the last post, the apartment walls are decorated with a bunch of William Morris most beautiful wallpapers. Rests of those wallpapers are reused in a creative way in Stella’s room.

3 more posts from Annacate coming up!

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