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We are very greatful that Mx Tomato stepped in as a hit. The poster actually sold out in a snap. But now we have it back in the shop again. Do you notice that I write “we” more often nowadays. It is so nice to work with the great gang who hangs out behind the scenes of Fine Little Day nowdays. Even if I often operates the social channels like I am alone still. I will try to do better and share more from the studio work as well ahead. The gang who hangs out here in the apartment are mostly sleepy ones..

The Hama beads basket collection is growing. I’ll show it more closely another day. Get some your self at Hejsan Goods.

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Phone photo versus Canon + Snölykta

Hi, just a peep in to ours on a Tuesday forenoon. The big camera stood ready on a tripod. And the phone in my hand. Look at the different feeling. Here is the phone photo. She, Rut the cat is all over, all the time.

The camera was actually ready for the beauty above. The newest addition in the shop – Snölykta. I love the shape of a snow lantern. The rust lantern above is for outdoors since it leave rust stains. But they are available in silver as well. I’m so glad to have them in the shop. Handmade with true love, in Sweden.

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“homely feel”

Back in the city, and to full tempo. 75% of the family are or has been sick in the flu. But better times are coming – soon it will be October and we can turn back the clocks an hour to compensate for the intruding darkness. And next week already we will have a sale in the studio here in Gothenburg which I look forward to. If you have possibility to stop by there will be a lot of House of Rym porcelain and textiles sold together with our ordinary Fine Little Day range.

Did you hear it from your parents as well “sitting too close to the TV will ruin your eyes”? This one has not been told it..

And this one sleep at all sorts of places you can imagine.

The quote in the title comes from this list, which made me really glad, and damn proud. Thank you Trish Lorenz/The Independent!

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Thank you + interpretation by Mogu

Thanks a bunch for cheering the new Tomato poster! I’m truly amazed and happy for the support here on the blog and on Instagram, wow. And thanks for all orders that have popped in :)!

Yesterday we booked a trip to California (next summer)!, today I had the luck to meet up with one of Gothenburg’s most skillful designers (more in a coming blog post) and we even got some fresh flowers on the table. Life can be good.

Look at the cool interpretation by talented (the energy, the quality!) artist Mogu Takahashi of yesterday’s photo of me holding the framed tomato fellow here. The drawing portrayes our darling cats as well as and the stool above (painted by Mogu). Mogu is sharing her amazing daily doodles at this Instgram account, follow!

And Mogu’s wallpaper, love.
Top photo, Cecilia’s wallpaper, love 2.

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Summer in the city still

Even the garden here is green. It’s weird how you almost expect the leafs to turn yellow and brown as soon as vacation is over. The air is warm also. And I’m sure that if you had time and possibility you could probably take a swim in the ocean without freezing your but off.

But the double quilts are clasped together again – we have Ikea’s “Three down quilts in one“. A thinner summer quilt and a thicker quilt combine to make an extra warm and thick quilt for winter nights. And the wool sweaters are back on the rack again. Just to be prepared.

Still in to water lilies. This Vogue cover, and this lamp. And my blanket.

There are some news on it’s way to the shop, looking forward to it.

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Been digging deep our apartment looking for angles this weekend. Småland again tomorrow night, looking forward to it.

Below, close up of our most beautiful birch basket and I adore this birch scarf.

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City life

What a good thing I have this blog. Makes me feel less weird wandering around in the apartment shooting pics. Cause I need it.

Husband made fish soup and we had fika. It’s summer in the city too.

I’ll show you a nice painting I bought the other day.
And we are watching The Killing.

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We do not necessarily worry, but we are thinking a lot. About how things will be when the little one comes. As I understand it Brittish Shorthair is a tolerant and “easygoing breed of cat”. And the Devon Rex prefers company. The prospects are good, she is a she + she is a kitten. We will phase them together, step by step. That’s how you suppose to do it, right?

I’m also wondering if the Monstera leaf will survive. It’s been a week now.

Take a look at Mogu Takahashi’s doodle’s and be inspired!

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Where I am

Spring was here for a short visit this weekend. I do hope we will have it back soon. Was out running in the grey earlier today. Now I am sitting here. Hello from a living room.

Pretty things inside tape, via the nice blog Miss Moss.

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About new things

Many things are going on here at the moment. Changes, pretty big ones as well. Looking forward to it all, it’s positive changes. But first some news coming in. As you might remember my colleague Anna and I went to Tunisia, October 2011 to meet the lovely couple Rym and Zied. Our trip ended up with Anna and me creating the brand House of Rym together with Rym (yes her name is Rym) and Zied. It sure has been a journey. And that journey is still in progress. Actually our new collection for House or Rym is about to see daylight any day now. Even though there will be only parts of the collection available in the shops at first you will be able to see most of it here in advance. So if you are curious about what’s coming be sure to peep in here and there. Tomorrow for example, or the day after that (depending how much time and energy the new week has to offer). I might show some at Instagram as well.

Two of our new porcelain parts (and wooden salt & peppar mushrooms) premiered at the kitchen table today with Quorn vegetable stew and cheese sandwiches.

Nice plant theme in Potipoti spring/summer collection 2013. I especially like the potted cacti scarf.

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