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Winter is still here

And we are kind of sleepy. I was glad to find “Lucky Clover” on the February favorite list of Elle Decoration’s blog Volang.

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Recent snaps

Daughter’s room plants. Top left (red can) Pilea peperomioides,  top right Trifolium repens (Bronze Dutch Clover) the rest I don’t know the name of.

Looking forward to the weekend, in Småland!

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Right here, right now. Life is spinning fast. I’m working with a book, don’t believe I’ve announced it here on the blog. It’s a collaboration with the publisher Natur & Kultur. It will be a book about Fine Little day. Random peeps, tips and eye candy. The plan is that it will be launched this autumn/winter. My friend Klara is helping out. Hilda has also been involved. Things are fun, kind of hectic, but fun.

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Spring, even indoors

Look at this, the balcony door is open and we are not freezing!



Good news – The Come and draw table is back in stock again.

Pinterest of House of Rym.

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Treasure by Claire Loder

Handmade by the inimitable Claire Loder. L o v e.


We are leaving for (hopefully) some snow up north. And a date with a newborn. Talk soon.

Don’t miss the Kuma tea towel in purple and green over here.

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Just a couple of snaps from this week. The porcelain is old and new from House of Rym. Some of them are still available in the shop. As well as the Drops- and Polka pillow cases.

It’s Thursday, cold outside and quite wintery.

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Hi hello 2014

2013 was a great year, many new projects and nice experiences. Hope you had an equally good year and that 2014 will offer us all some really nice days as well.

We are in the process of working with news for the shop, some glimpses at Instagram. Don’t want to rush things though, but that the slow days from the holiday to last a little bit longer. In other words, the pace will be rather slow over here to begin with. At least until Monday ;)

Currently for sale at Lauritz:
Rocking chair

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Happy New Year

Still very much Christmas in this neighborhood. But 2014 will let spring in again, I can feel it. Wish you a fantastic, full of sunshine and happy faces – New Year :)

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On the go

..a glimpse of a romantic corner in the teens room. The jovial lady next to the little brother (below) would be me. Happy Christmas!

Etsy finds in the theme:

Ceramic teapot
Vintage tin can
Antique round eyeglasses
Golden metal frames
Leather purse
Vintage metal frame
Wood frame
Romantic antique night dress

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The teen’s room

So Rut and I got permission to snoop and shoot in my teenage (15 years old) daughter’s room.

Everything happened so fast, suddenly the Schleich horses, the rubber Pokemons, the Kamratposten magazines were gone.


Can I ask you a couple of questions about your room T?
- Well, ok.

What makes you feel good in a room?
- The light is important to me, that it is enough daylight. I don’t like incandescent light much. It’s also nice if there are enough space to to sit and socialize with friends. And I like plants, they makes it feel cosy and kind of fresh.

So do you think that your room meets that?
Overall yes. It has big windows and a big enough bed.

Mention something less good with your room.
- It’s inefficiently soundproof!

Do you have any favorite things in your room?
-  My computer, the makeup mirror. I’m also in love with my green wallpaper.

How would the perfect teenage room be for you?
- I don’t know. If my boyfriend lived here, then it would be perfect.

Kindra Murphy’s wallpaper Colorform and to the right – The beloved “Hollywood” makeup mirror Chloe from Sminkspegel.

Also in the room:
Drop wall stickers.
Norfolk Island Pine.
Stripes never wear out saucer.
Scallops by Klara Bothén.
Cecilia Pettersson’s Fir forest.
Cactus, Opuntia chlorotica.
Clothes rack.
Gran Linen.

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